CI for Laravel

Failing Builds

Our #1 goal is to make sure you don't lose hours or days configuring Continuous Integration.

Here are some of the most common issues we see that create issues.

Missing Environment Variables

By far the most common reason for build failures is related to missing environment variables.

By default, Chipper CI simply copies .env.example to create a new .env file. This isn't enough for many application's test suites.

Composer Fails to Download Packages

Occasionally the build cache may cause issues, especially when testing branches that have diverged greatly. If installing Composer packages fails within your pipeline, you can clear a project's build cache within the project settings.

chipper ci clear build cache

Node-Sass & NodeJS

If you see errors that suggest NPM is attempting to compile node-sass (or even NodeJS itself!), you likely have a mismatch between your version of node-sass and the version of NodeJS being used in the container.

This may also appear as a (long) series of gyp errors.

The fix here is to match the correct NodeJS version with the version of node-sass being used.

  1. You can find the version of node-sass being used in your package.json file. Failing that, check your package-lock.json or yarn.lock file.
  2. The very top of the node-sass readme has a helpful compatibility grid to show you which version of NodeJS to use.

You can change the version of NodeJS used in the build container in your Project Settings page.