Continuous Integration Exclusively for Laravel

The service trusted to build Vapor and Forge.
Built for Laravel.

Just for Laravel

The Artisan Crafted CI Experience.

Superb support for PHP, Node, and Dusk tests. Integration with the entire Laravel ecosystem including Forge, Envoyer, and Vapor.

Continuous integration made easy

Break out of the "configure, test, wait, repeat" loop when setting up continuous integration. Chipper CI will get you up and running quickly and easily.

Everything you need, simply

Quick setup time. Sensible defaults. Simple but powerful configuration. Easily use Redis, SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and Docker.

Chipper CI runs tests and deployments for Laravel's critical applications. We love the app!

Taylor Otwell

Ready to test and deploy in record time.

Quickly connect your repositories from any of the supported Git providers and you're good to go! A default pipeline will help you get testing immediately.


Connect to Git

Connect to any of the popular Git providers: GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab (included self-hosted GitLab).


Choose a Repository

Choose a repository to connect to Chipper CI. We'll set everything up.


Commit a File

Commit the pre-configured Yaml file, and push it up. You're off to the races!

It’s absolutely free to get started with Chipper CI. Try it today.

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Pre-Configured for Laravel

Spend zero time setting up the build environment - everything's installed for you (or available with a quick sudo apt-get install).

Choose Your Version

Easily choose your PHP and Node versions. It's so simple I'm literally just writing to make this copy look nicer.

Add Your Services

We provide the popular services you may need for your tests: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and Redis. Need something else? Use Docker to pull it in.

Run Your Builds

Choose what triggers a build, and define your pipeline. You get sane defaults, but editing the commands is easy as pie. It's just Bash!

The Expected Polish

The polish and shine you'd expect from Laravel.

Zero-Effort Build Cache

Chipper automatically saves your Composer and Node dependency cache, making it as fast as possible to pull in dependencies.

Intelligent Notifications

Get build notifications only when and where you want. See everything, just changes, just failures, and more.