Chipper CI in 2022

January 13th, 2022

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Our 2022 Roadmap

We have some new initiatives planned for 2022!

In short, we plan on making Chipper CI the obvious choice for CI and deployment with your Laravel apps.

To that end, here are some things we plan on introducing:

YAML configuration file

We really didn't want to have any YAML at first, but we discovered there are some very real benefits to having a YAML file in your code base:

  • It's MUCH easier to configure multiple projects (copy/paste!)
  • You can customize builds per Git branch (for example, creating a branch to test a newer version of PHP)
  • It's easier to find/share example configuration
  • It allows for more interesting future features ????

Open Source Support

Right now build results are private - you can only see them when logged in. We'd love to better support open source by allowing projects to show CI results publicly (if you opt into it). We'll also be looking into unlimited builds for free accounts that build open source projects.


Right now Chipper allows you to set environment variables for your builds. However, we'd like to better protect sensitive values, such as API keys. Secrets will allow you to set sensitive data that you can securely use in your builds, without them leaking (via build output or when logged into Chipper CI).

Deployment Features

Deployment is interesting because everyone's needs vary so much! Some use Forge's quick deploy, some use Envoyer's style deploys, using symlinks. Others package their application up into "build artifacts" such as a zip archive, container image, or even a server image. Some deploy to a single server, and some deploy to hundreds of servers!

We have some ✨ideas✨ to help you build and deploy your Laravel apps.

Other Stuff

There's a host of other things we'd like to add as well! One example is adding more notification channels, and customization around when you get notifications.

If you want to stay in the loop, sign up for a free account. We don't send many emails, so keep an eye out!

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