Chipper CI's New Pricing

June 7th, 2022

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Chipper CI's New Pricing

Chipper's new pricing has launched! Here is an overview of the new pricing as of June 5th, 2022.

Paid Accounts

Paid plans did not change.

Those with paid accounts still payi the same thing, have all the same features, and still have unlimited builds. Customers can swap between monthly/annual billing, and add concurrency as usual.

However, "legacy" pricing plans won't necessary get new features. For example, there isn't a way to bill for larger servers on the old pricing plans! Therefore, larger servers isn't a feature on older plans.

➡️ You can, of course, review and swap into Chipper's new plans.

Free Accounts

Free plans did change.

Free accounts have been swapped to the "new" Free tier.

  • It's still free (duh)
  • You get 25 free builds per month (down from 50)

New Pricing

The new pricing is Pay as You Go (aka "metered billing"). You get 25 free builds per month. Once you hit 25 builds within a calendar month, you'll have to add a payment method to continue running additional builds (or wait until the next month rolls over).

It's affordable! If you run 50 builds within a month, you'll end up paying $3.75 for the 25 paid builds.

Builds are $15 per 100 builds on standard servers, and $25 per 100 builds on large servers.

chipper ci pay as you go pricing

Add Ons

As you can see above, there are add ons.

These are extra features you can choose to add for a monthly base fee. Current add ons are:

  1. Teams (invite team members)
  2. Docker (great for Vapor's Docker-based deploys)
  3. Additional concurrent builds (great for teams with multiple projects) - $20 per concurrent build per month

Prepaid Plans

This is the best part, because it comes with discounts. You can pre-pay for monthly builds!

In return for a monthly fee, you get:

  1. A discount on build and features
  2. Less variation in your monthly bill
  3. Team and Docker add ons included
  4. Extra concurrent builds (Business and Growth tiers)
  5. Discounted price per build if you go over the prepaid amount (Business and Growth tiers)

The $15/mo plan is a great place to start - it's otherwise $35/mo!

chipper ci pre-paid plans

Wait, did you mention larger servers?!

You can select to use the Standard or Large server sizes. "Standard" are what you have right now, and larger servers are double that.

  • Standard: 2 CPU's, 4GB RAM.
  • Large: 4 CPU's, 8GB RAM

Changing Plans

You can review and change plans from the Billing area in your account. To help you change plans, we provide a graph of your last 4 months of usage.

chipper ci monthly usage chart

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