Build Page Improvements

March 16th, 2022

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Build Page Improvements

Part of the recent announcement of Public Builds was to improve the builds page.

The public builds that appear on were much improved - they showed the script run to generate the output, defered rendering build output until needed, and had a leaner, faster javascript implementation.

We incorporated the public builds page improvements into the main Chipper CI application! The javascript is more performant, and has the following improvements (very similar to the public builds page).

  1. We don't load the build output on finished steps until you click to open the build output
    1. It's still streamed to you live on a running build
  2. Longer output is truncated to the bottom 100000 bytes (.1 megabytes) so it doesn't crash the browser
  3. You can now view the command run for the build step

chipper ci build page improvements

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